Christmas Day – 2019

Wednesday seems, for some strange reason, a different day for Christmas to fall on but it happens every so often, doesn’t it? As with any repetitive holiday, there will be different days involved if the date is fixed, and, as with Labor day, there will be differing dates involved since it always falls on a Monday. Some of the simplest things seem to make me think harder than many other things which are probably more worthy of thought.

Our Christmas day 2019 in the Milwaukee area is now topping out at a balmy 55 degrees; a very nice sunny and pleasant day which ought to be featuring a cigar since I enjoy those and can not begin to think of doing so indoors if that is part of my abode…if, that is, I intend that to remain my abode for some time to come. And I cannot blame my sweetheart since I agree with her that it is a stinky habit indeed…and not to even be thought of as occurring in our home.

I recognize this all might be a subject that a bachelor would not even think of blogging about and then, again, that might be part of the reason for bachelorhood in that person’s case.

We each are individual and different creatures of habit; habits both good and not-so-good for most of us. Many habits are good in the beginning and they tend to stay good for so long as we don’t let them take over our lives. Many things began as a good idea but ended as the opposite. The end might’ve proved a good learning experience for the person with the habit in question depending upon what the habit involved. Likewise, it could end up with the person having the habit suffering a loss as the result of having that habit.

Going to church on Sundays is a good habit to get into; smoking a big long stinky cigar in one’s living room is not a good habit…even if that ‘habit’ is a one-off and never happens again. The memories and odor from that habit experienced will hang around for a good long time, or a bad long time as the case might be, for the offender.

But, back to Christmas Day 2019 in the Milwaukee area. What an absolutely beautiful spring-like day we are enjoying. If our Milwaukee Bucks were not appearing poised to lose their game today, it would be a great afternoon.

There is really little, if anything to be complaining about. So, I’ll quit complaining and be thankful for this little breath of Spring/early-Summer on Christmas Day 2019.

I hope you are all having a great day, too!

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I am a political conservative living in Wisconsin and have blogged previously in a Milwaukee Journal news publication which has been eliminated with the acquisition of this newspaper by Gannett (USAToday).

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